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Ali Gilmore

By Alexia Carrasco   At 30-years-old, Tallahassee resident, Ali Gilmore, was finally able to check off her goals she worked so hard for. She landed a good job at the Florida Department of Health as an analyst, was pregnant with her first child, and had purchased her first home in a good community. All that […]

Anna Marie Mullin

By Chase Carle   Strawberry blonde hair, a beautiful smile and an infectiously friendly personality — those are just some of the ways friends and family describe Anna Marie Mullin. Sure, she’d had a hard life – a childhood filled with trauma and an adulthood filled with alcohol — but her generosity was never questioned.

Willie Coffee Sr.

By Jennifer Graham   He didn’t deserve to die like that. Willie Coffee Jr., also known as “Little Willie,” says his father was on the right track and trying to change his life. He was fighting the vicious cycle of addiction. Then someone came along and took Willie Coffee Sr.’s life.

Michael Cohen

By Matthew Farina   Michael Cohen Jr. loved his family. His father, Michael Cohen Sr., remembers this vividly. At an Arlington Country Day School first-grade piano recital, the elder Cohen said his only son stood on stage and gave an unexpected introduction. “Before sitting down to play his piece,” the retired U.S. Navy veteran recalls, […]

Shirley Badger Trenner

By Katherine Hamilton   Shirley Badger Trenner’s fascination for the new and exotic had always been obvious to those around her, whether it was owning one of the first microwaves, or trying new cuisines. Her interest in technology led her to work at a computer store in her retired years—but no one ever could’ve known […]

Cold Case Spotlight – Stephen Spina

Stephen Spina, 36, planned to spend his Monday off having lunch with his girlfriend and taking his 12-year-old daughter to a Yankees game. Neither ever happened. On September 17, 2007, Stephen  was stabbed to death in his Mamaroneck, NY apartment. With no signs of forced entry and nothing stolen from the home, it is very […]

Cold Case Spotlight – Karen Marchioni

Two days after Karen Marchioni’s 41st birthday she was found murdered in her own home. At 11:09am on Monday, October 8, 2001, Karen placed a 911 call to say she had been attacked in her Nelson Street apartment in Framingham, Massachusetts. When police and paramedics arrived they found Karen unresponsive and lying in a pool […]

Cold Case Spotlight – Derryck Harris

Around 2:15pm on January 19, 2014, 19-year-old Derryck Harris and his childhood friend, 19-year-old Lamar Broussard, got into Broussard’s car to drive up to the store. Within minutes of leaving they were ambushed by unknown suspect(s). Derryck and Lamar were both killed in the hail of gunfire that erupted at the intersection of 100th and […]