robert bob levey

Cold Case Spotlight – Robert (Bob) Levey

On June 25, 2013, around 11:00pm, residents in the Englewood area of Jacksonville, Florida began calling 911 to report a house fire on Mimosa Drive. Inside the charred home investigators found the body of 83-year-old Robert James (Bob) Levey. Detectives have not released the cause of death but described Bob’s death as a “brutal murder”. The fire was intentionally set to destroy evidence and cover up the murder.
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sherry prather

Cold Case Spotlight – Sherry Prather

UPDATE: On March 12, 2018  Johnny Wayne Johnson pleaded guilty to the 2012 murder of Sherry Lee Prather. Johnson was sentenced to 20.4 years in prison. Though no motive has ever been established, Sherry’s family expressed relief that Johnson would be off the streets. The family made it a point to thank all those that helped along the way in their search for justice. 

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brandon gentry

Cold Case Spotlight – Brandon Gentry

Brandon Gentry, 26, spent Saturday evening, August 10, 2013, hanging out with friends at a popular mudhole off Pickettville Road in Jacksonville, Florida. Early Sunday morning a vehicle driving northbound on Pickettville Road spotted something on the side of the road and called authorities. Police found Brandon bleeding from the head and with life threatening injuries. Brandon died from multiple injuries on August 14, 2013. Evidence at the scene suggests that Brandon may have been the victim of a hit and run.

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sulaiman murray

Cold Case Spotlight – Sulaiman Murray

On January 9, 2011, 28 year old Sulaiman Murray was shot and killed while getting out of his car at the Windy Pines Apartment complex in Jacksonville, Florida. A female passenger was unharmed and no motive or suspects have been identified by law enforcement.

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andre johnson

Cold Case Spotlight – Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson had been missing for a week in June 2005 when his mother received the call every parent fears. The body of her 28 year old son had been found in the Ribault River in Jacksonville, Florida. Andre had suffered blunt force trauma to the head and been the victim of, a still unsolved, murder.

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roshaun green

Cold Case Spotlight – RoShaun Green

On September 15, 2006, RoShaun Green was shot and killed at the intersection of Bennett Street and East 15th Street in Jacksonville, Florida. RoShaun left behind a wife and 3 children as well as many other friends and family. Despite many stories and theories about his death no arrest has ever been made. RoShaun’s family is hopeful that by sharing his story someone will come forward with the information needed to solve his case.

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franklin prince

Cold Case Spotlight – Franklin Prince Jr.

Two days before Christmas in 2007, Franklin Delano Prince Jr. was talking with two friends outside of his Eureka Gardens apartment in Jacksonville, Florida when all three were forced to the ground and shot by unknown suspects. Witnesses say three black males were responsible for the attack but no arrests have been made. Franklin and Antonio Creech died at the scene. The third victim survived but has not been able to identified the attackers.

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evelyn slay

Cold Case Spotlight – Evelyn Slay

Seventy four year old widow, Evelyn Slay, was robbed, stabbed and killed by someone that broke into her home on June 1, 1983 in Jacksonville, Florida. Twice that day Evelyn had called the Jacksonville Sheriff”s Office to report missing money from her home. Evelyn suspected a woman that had been hired to clean her home through the Florida State Employment Agency was the thief. Within four hours of filing the police report, Evelyn Slay was stabbed to death in her Huron Street home.

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christopher mcdowell

Cold Case Spotlight – Christopher McDowell

On January 11, 2014 Christopher McDowell was killed by a hit and run driver on St. Johns Bluff Road in Jacksonville, Florida. Christopher was found by a patrolling police officer around 3:30am. The Florida Highway Patrol believes Christopher was walking home from a convenience store when he was struck by a gray or silver SUV or truck. There would have been damage to the right front area of the vehicle.

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dana solomon

Cold Case Spotlight – Dana Solomon

On Sunday, November 12, 2006 just before 7:00pm Dana Solomon was struck by a vehicle while walking home from the Kangaroo Express convenience store on Normandy Blvd and Yellow Water Rd on the westside of Jacksonville, Florida. Investigators believe that Dana may have been hit by a small, dark colored, metallic truck which fled the scene. After fighting for her life for a week in the intensive care unit, Dana’s organ’s began to fail and she died on November 19, 2006.

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