stephan spina

Cold Case Spotlight – Stephen Spina

Stephen Spina, 36, planned to spend his Monday off having lunch with his girlfriend and taking his 12-year-old daughter to a Yankees game. Neither ever happened. On September 17, 2007, Stephen  was stabbed to death in his Mamaroneck, NY apartment. With no signs of forced entry and nothing stolen from the home, it is very likely that Stephen knew his killer. He was last seen by a neighbor at 9:30am and was found deceased by his girlfriend around 12:30pm. Detectives received a number of leads, including information about Stephen’s tires being slashed not long before his murder. Also investigated were tips regarding prior relationships of Stephen’s and his girlfriend. Even with many leads in the case, detectives have been unable to name a suspect or rule anyone out.

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kimberly simon

Cold Case Spotlight – Kimberly Simon

It has been almost 30 years since 16 year old Kimberly “Kim” Simon went for a walk from her home in Marcy, NY to meet a friend at Whitesboro Jr. High School. On September 18, 1985 Kim disappeared while taking that walk on Mohawk Street. Her body was found the next day in the dense woods not far from where she was last seen. Kim had been raped and strangled less than a mile from her house.

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