samuel riser

Cold Case Spotlight – Samuel Riser

Samuel Riser had just paid his December rent and mailed out a letter; then he disappeared. The 61-year-old Glasgow, West Virginia man has not been seen or heard from since December 8, 2010. Blood was discovered in his home during a welfare check after Mr. Riser didn’t show up for work. Read more

cleo burdette

Cold Case Spotlight – Cleo Burdette

On August 14, 2004, 78-year-old cattle rancher, Cleo Burdette’s battered body was found in his own home in Sissonville, West Virginia. The day before, witnesses say that Mr. Burdette had gone to an auction to sell cattle and his killer may have seen the victim with a substantial amount of money, leading detectives to suspect robbery as a motive. Read more

baby christian

Guest Blogger – Kathy Marks

From time to time Project Cold Case will showcase a guest blogger. Sometimes the blogger will feature a cold case to spotlight,  sometimes they will provide insight into investigation techniques and sometimes grief recovery approach. As opportunities present themselves we will provide our readers any and all information we feel is helpful.

This week we introduce you to Kathy Marks, a retired child abuse investigator who regularly writes for Law and Order magazine. Kathy also maintains a cold case blog,, where she focuses on unsolved homicides and sometimes missing or abducted children. Read more