phoutone lothirath

Cold Case Spotlight – Phoutone “Tawn” Lothirath

Next month will mark 20 years since the callous, brutal, unsolved murder of Phoutone “Tawn” Lothirath in Escondido, California. On Halloween night in 1995, Tawn’s 10-year-old son answered the door to pass out candy to an unknown male, posed as a trick-or-treater. Armed with a gun and wearing a full face bandanna the  gunman forced his way into the home and ordered Tawn’s son to his room. Tawn was pinned to the couch before being shot once in the head and multiple time in the chest. The suspect was described as a male Asian but no arrest has ever been made.

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sulaiman murray

Cold Case Spotlight – Sulaiman Murray

On January 9, 2011, 28 year old Sulaiman Murray was shot and killed while getting out of his car at the Windy Pines Apartment complex in Jacksonville, Florida. A female passenger was unharmed and no motive or suspects have been identified by law enforcement.

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andre johnson

Cold Case Spotlight – Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson had been missing for a week in June 2005 when his mother received the call every parent fears. The body of her 28 year old son had been found in the Ribault River in Jacksonville, Florida. Andre had suffered blunt force trauma to the head and been the victim of, a still unsolved, murder.

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roshaun green

Cold Case Spotlight – RoShaun Green

On September 15, 2006, RoShaun Green was shot and killed at the intersection of Bennett Street and East 15th Street in Jacksonville, Florida. RoShaun left behind a wife and 3 children as well as many other friends and family. Despite many stories and theories about his death no arrest has ever been made. RoShaun’s family is hopeful that by sharing his story someone will come forward with the information needed to solve his case.

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