crandall reed

Cold Case Spotlight – Crandall “Jack” Reed

Crandall “Jack” Reed, 51, had pulled his Yellow Cab taxi into the parking lot of the Boy Scouts of America building on Edgewood Ave in Jacksonville, FL around 3:30am on Friday November 16, 2007. As he sat in his cab an unknown car pulled in front of him attempting to block in Reed. Knowing something wasn’t right, Reed drove his cab around the building. As he attempted to escape, someone jumped from the unknown car and began shooting. Reed was able to drive to a convenience store a few blocks away before collapsing on the steering wheel and being discovered by police responding to a “shots fired” call in the area. Reed, who proudly served 20 years with the US Navy before retiring and was a veteran of Desert Storm, died from gunshot wounds a short time later at a local hospital .
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kristen wilson

Cold Case Spotlight – Kristen Wilson

On November 27, 1996, the day before Thanksgiving, 29-year-old Kristen Wilson returned to her apartment in southwest Houston with last minute groceries for the family holiday dinner planned at her grandmother’s house the next day. After putting away the groceries she went to change close in her bedroom and was attacked by an unknown intruder.
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diane schofield

Cold Case Spotlight – Diane Schofield

Diane Schofield, 21, was found on July 10, 1975 in the trunk of her car in a parking lot near the Des Moines airport. Her wrists and ankles were bound and she had been strangled with a strip of knotted cloth. Investigators do not believe robbery was the motive, as Diane was found with a $200 watch and jewelry still on her body. There have been many theories over the years and some confusion about when and where Diane’s murder took place. Detectives have admitted that they have a suspect but without the help of individuals willing to come forward there is not enough evidence to prosecute Diane’s killer.
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