cleo burdette

Cold Case Spotlight – Cleo Burdette

On August 14, 2004, 78-year-old cattle rancher, Cleo Burdette’s battered body was found in his own home in Sissonville, West Virginia. The day before, witnesses say that Mr. Burdette had gone to an auction to sell cattle and his killer may have seen the victim with a substantial amount of money, leading detectives to suspect robbery as a motive. Read more

lacey gaines

Cold Case Spotlight – Lacey Gaines

Just six days after celebrating her 20th birthday, Lacey Claire Gaines was found murdered in her own apartment in Justice, Illinois. On December 7, 2009 the boyfriend of Lacey Gaines walked into the apartment they shared and found her body. Lacey was discovered both stabbed and strangled, Read more

joseph davis

Cold Case Spotlight – Joseph Davis

It has been almost 42 years since Joseph Davis was shot and killed while driving a taxicab for the business he also owned, Diamond Cab Company, in Jacksonville, Florida. On October 2, 1974 around 7:00pm, Davis was dispatched to pick up a fare at a Pizza Hut on Lem Turner Road. By 7:10pm the passenger was picked up and Davis radioed dispatch to let them know that he was on I-95 headed to the southside of Jacksonville. Dispatch was never able to reach him by radio again. Read more

cedrick herbert nathan morgan

Cold Case Spotlight – Cedrick Herbert & Nathan Morgan

This week we share two victims from one family. Cedrick James Herbert and Nathan Morgan, Jr. were cousins and close friends. They were also fathers, sons, brothers, friends and cared for by many. Both are also the victims of separate unsolved homicides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Read more