daniel rowe

Cold Case Spotlight – Daniel Rowe


On July 26, 2017, Erron Markese Coleman pleaded guilty in the July 2015 murder of Daniel Rowe who was robbed, shot and killed outside a Jacksonville, Florida restaurant. In open court, Coleman identified Devonte Lafelton Hanford as the second suspect involved in Daniel’s murder. Coleman stated that during the robbery, Daniel complied with everything the suspects demanded, including handing over his wallet, money, and lying flat on the ground. Coleman, a 12-time felon, admitted to firing two shots, while Daniel Rowe was on the ground, after hearing a noise and assuming someone was coming. Daniel’s wallet contained $4.00. Coleman will be sentenced in September and the judicial process will now begin for Hanford, who was arrested on July 29, 2017. Read more

james harms

Arrests Don’t Always Equal Justice

This week we are going to pause from our usual Cold Case Spotlight and focus on justice. Or, as the case may be, the lack thereof. Sometimes, as families of unsolved homicide victims, we get caught up in believing that an arrest automatically means justice for our loved one. Read more

rachel galbreath

Cold Case Spotlight – Rachel Galbreath

When Rachel Galbreath did not show up for work on May 9, 2014, her coworkers went to her apartment just a short distance away to check on her. Inside they found 33-year-old Rachel deceased on the floor in a pool of blood. The medical examiner ruled her death a homicide after the autopsy revealed multiple injuries to her head and body. Read more

cecil pat mcminn

Cold Case Spotlight – Cecil “Pat” McMinn

Just after midnight on October 13, 1995, Cecil “Pat” McMinn, 31, left his house to work the overnight shift at the Kings Road Post Office in Jacksonville, Florida. He never made it to work. His body was found later that morning. Read more

d'lisa kelley

Cold Case Spotlight – D’Lisa Kelley

D’Lisa Michelle Kelley, 24, walked out of her grandmother’s home in Dallas, Texas on March 7, 2014 around 4:30pm to attend a friend’s wake. A little after 6:00pm, D’Lisa’s sister received an inadvertent phone call indicating D’Lisa was in trouble. Read more