curtis council

Curtis Council

By: Bailie Staton


In the early hours of Sept. 2, 1994, Curtis Ricardo Council, 20, would be taken away from his new family forever.

He had just arrived at his grandmother’s house from the Raines versus Ribault High School rivalry football game. Council and his friend Akbar Perkins, 20, received a page to Council’s beeper. After that alert, Council and Perkins left the home.

Backing out of the driveway, Council stopped and Perkins got out of the car to close the gate behind them. That was the last moment the friends had together. Read more

kelli chapple

Kelli Chapple

By Sara Crouch


The lessening of the constant pain never comes easily – if at all — for the families of the murdered.

But it’s even harder when there’s are few answer in a case that’s gone cold.

That’s the case with Bernard Chapple, the father of then-23-year-old Kelli Chapple.

“You know, they say you’ll get closure,” Chapple said. “You don’t ever get closure. You suffer every day. You just want to know the answers to what happened.” Read more

joseph dimare

Joseph DiMare

By James Donlon


It was 3 a.m. on a cold winter night in Bradenton. Richard DiMare and his two brothers were fast asleep at their father’s farm.

In the 1950s, winter farming meant lighting kerosene lamps and placing them between rows of tomato plants to ward off the frost. DiMare remembers his father waking them, then leading them out to the fields to ensure their crops didn’t freeze. Read more

ali gilmore

Ali Gilmore

By Alexia Carrasco


At 30-years-old, Tallahassee resident, Ali Gilmore, was finally able to check off her goals she worked so hard for. She landed a good job at the Florida Department of Health as an analyst, was pregnant with her first child, and had purchased her first home in a good community. All that was taken away when she seemed to vanish in thin air. Read more